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Huali Europe GmbH is devoted comprehensively in the field of solar energy (PV modules and raw materials of solar products). Our secondary business lies in service for conferences in Europe.

Huali Europe is fully integrated in the complete value chain of solar industry through its engagement in three listed manufacturing companies, which take leading position, and the holding of four distributing companies, as well as three investment companies. Therefore Huali Europe can decide its business policy, in the whole process from concept till its realization in production and delivery. Further more, we also invest in major solar projects.


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Solar Funds

We offer: close-end investment fund and KG-Form (limited partnership with a limited liability company as general partner) for the shareholding in Chinese enterprises, which have already played a leading role in the market, and those enterprises, which are developing dynamically and considered as favorite IPO candidate. Such funds are not only favored by private and institutional investment, but also very important for international solar enterprises, which really want to strategically ensure and extend their marketing.

We offer: shareholding in the form of close-end index funds in companies which are listed in domestic and international stock market.