Solar components are formed by monocrystalline silicon battery pieces in series-parallel connection and sealed through thermal compressing toughened glass with high transmittance & low iron content, aging-resistant EVA and fire-proof TPT added anode aluminum alloy frame, featuring high efficiency, long service life, convenient installation, wind proofing and hail proofing.
The product is up to international standard proofed by professional inspection organs, and can be extensively used in ceiling system, photovoltaic power station, communication, base station, petrol, sea exploration, meteorology, transport, solar architecture and field engineering, etc.
We can produce components in diverse sizes and shapes with power ranging from 5W to 250W requested by clients. Our strict and advanced quality control procedures guarantee stable efficiency , rational cost and powerful market competition.



Sample Display


Solar modules of our own products are displayed in our office in Frankfurt am Main. We are pleased of your visit.

China, the Market of Future


Besides supplying solar products we also offer manufacturers and suppliers of solar products with the attractive possibility to mark out their innovation and technologies in China through us.